About Footwear Innovation Summit (F.I.S)

The Footwear Innovation Summit gathers a group of leading technology professionals to share the trends and insights on the integration of new technologies with footwear creation, manufacturing and retail. The variety of speakers represent both the technology providers and the footwear brands. The shoe manufacturers will certainly be part of it. Together, the speakers and the multiple panel discussions will engage in a thorough exploration of the challenges that are faced by the footwear industry and the coming technology wave which is going to change the industry.
The F.I.S bridges creators, Brands and Suppliers from sport performance to high fashion for start-ups and industry leaders. You will experience the latest innovations in Digital, Automation, Smart Solution, Process, Material and hot New Retailing.
这是一场捕捉鞋业供应链及相关技术公司最新科技最新趋势的BIG SHOW,一场把握鞋业供应链脉搏和未来的盛会,一场善于洞察商机、把握机会的公司绝不愿错过的盛会。

  • The Future of 3d Scanning for Footwear

    As customization is trending in footwear products, anatomical shape precision is one of the key elements for customer satisfaction. Chris Lane, CEO of 3dMD, will share with us the various developing technology in 3D Scanning that will help shape the futur

  • Biomechanics and Fit for Footwear

    Biomechanics and Fit for FootwearDo you want to know the one thing that makes all shoes more comfortable?Dr. Gray will breakdown the new technologies like wearable sensors, 3d printing, customized footwear, and additive manufacturing to show how these are


FMNII is a footwear innovation platform promoting digital transformation and sustainable sourcing. FMNII is a membership-based platform, please contact James.Gau@fmnii.com for more details on how to become a member of FMNII.
国际鞋业创新峰会(F.I.S)是由 FMNII新创 举办的国际创新交流盛事。
欲了解更多信息或合作,请联系 james.gau@fmnii.com。