Dr. Yong Li

As the founder of OLT Footcare, Dr. Yong Li has been working in the field of 3D scanning and 3D data processing for the past 25 years.? In 1992, Dr. Li joined the EOIS Research Institute of OPTON Co., Ltd. to develop a fully automatic 3D non-contact scanning solution for Toyota Design Center.? During his 10+ years of industrial experience, Dr. Li involved in many industrial application of 3D scanning, such as the engine block 3D scanning/inspection system for Honda engine plant in Ana, Ohio and Composite frame inspection system of Boeing 787 dreamliner.? In 2010, Dr. Li founded OLT Footcare — a Canadian company headquartered in Windsor, Canada with offices in US and China.? OLT Footcare provides an advanced and comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions for custom sandals, custom foot orthotics and ankle foot orthotics, including 3D foot scanning, 3D data processing, digitally creation of custom sandals/foot orthotics and on-site 3D printing.? The revolutionary system has been installed into 50+ medical clinics in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia and China.? Dr. Yong Li holds a PhD degree in Mech Eng from McGill University and a graduate degree in Mech Eng from Tsinghua University.