Sergio Dulio studied aerospace engineering and graduated, magna cum laude, from the Polytechnic of Milan. He spent the first years of his professional career in the aerospace industry, working in Switzerland and Italy. In 1984 he joined IBM as a member of the first technical support team to the 3D CAD/ CAM application CATIA. He continued this experience in the ICT sector. At the end of the eighties (1988) he had his initial contact with the footwear world. He started with the market introduction of the first families of shoe specific CAD/ CAM applications with the Austrian company ATOM+VICAM, and then as an expert in the area of leather cutting, as part of the technical staff of ATOM, one of the leading companies in the field of shoe machinery. After almost ten years spent with the Italian National Research Council coordinating EU funded research projects in the footwear sector, in 2013 he has been appointed head of ATOMLab the Research and Innovation unit of the ATOM group, working in close contact with universities and research institutions in Italy and abroad.