Ales Jurca is one of the world’s top experts in applying 3D foot scanning technology to the footwear industry. As one of Volumental’s early employees, he has been the chief architect behind Volumental’s revolutionary Fit Engine, an AI-based footwear recommendation software powered by Volumental’s database of 1.5 million foot scans. Ales has also driven a successful partnership with Bauer Hockey to transform 3D foot scans into custom-manufactured hockey skates.

Volumental is the global leader in 3D foot scanning combined with AI-based footwear recommendations, helping its customers provide the perfect fit for footwear consumers everywhere. With customers ranging from global athletic brands to fashion retailers, Volumental is present in over 35 countries today.

Ales has nearly two decades of experience studying large datasets of 3D footscans. He started as Chief R&D Manager at Alpina in 1999, the world’s largest cross-country boots producer, where he introduced 3D foot scanning into last design process and into footwear retail. Among other projects he managed foot scanning campaigns and 3D data analysis for the Swiss army and EU Project Dorothy.

Ales holds an MSc in Robotics and Biomechanics from Ljubljana University and is finishing his Ph.D. at Josef Stefan International Postgraduate School with a focus on using AI for shoe sizing recommendations.